Streaming & Archiving Service for Ministries

Streaming & Archiving Services for Churches & Other Ministries:

At Real Life Radio Foundation, we are experts at providing Live & Archive streaming of video content as well as audio.  We have been providing streaming services since 2004 and we have churches as far away as Texas and Arkansas utilizing our east-to-use streaming & archiving software.  We offer LOW cost, personalized service, and consulation on the equipment you will need to get your ministry on the web in an effective way.

BEWARE of free streaming services, because they add banner ads and interrupt your content with their own commercials on your streaming page which you cannot control and the content they add might not be appropriate for your ministry.  We never insert banner ads or unwanted commercials to your streaming page, allowing you to customize your stream and archives to your needs and your audience.  Archiving is quick & easy with our streaming service.  No bulky files to upload, no long waits for archives to be active and no limit on the time or quantity of archives.  Ask us for details by calling Randy at (618) 895-3030 or email us at:

You can see an example of our streams and archives at:

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