Walk The Way

"Walk the Way" is a short radio devotional heard twice each weekday on 90.9 The Vine.  The Walk The Way ministry challenges us to find out how God matters to real people and how we can live out our faith in everyday life. The Walk the Way project includes a one-minute daily radio feature, an online video devotion, Facebook.com/WalktheWay & WalktheWay.net. In these daily devotions, host Jeff Klein uses modern-day parables and Biblical lessons to make us think deeper about living out our beliefs. Walk The Way is a daily radio challenge, video blog and online community encouraging Christians to step outside the church walls, to live their lives the way Jesus would.  You can watch the Video blog on their Facebook page.

Jeff Klein has spent the last 16 years in ministry encouraging people to walk more deeply with Jesus. Currently, he leads a church plant in Wheaton, Illinois, called Jericho Road Church (http://www.jerichoroadchurch.org). Jeff speaks to people across North America…retreats, conventions, serve projects, and worship services.

He is the author of "Turning Point" and "On the Road to Connecting", two Youth Ministry Training Seminars and regularly consults with youth groups to help them minister effectively.

Listen Daily Monday through Friday at 7:10pm for "Walk the Way" on 90.9 The Vine

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